Five intriguing things about Sobibor extermination camp

Auschwitz. Treblinka. The very names of these Nazi camps evoke unspeakable cruelty.
Sobibor is less well known, I read Sobibor by Jean Molla and From the Ashes of Sobibor by Thomas Toivi Blatt.  Both books disclose the horrors perpetrated there one from a Nazi official’s written diary and the other from one of the few survivors Thomas Blatt.

Sobibor is not well documented but I listed five gripping things from the books.
In the future, I would like to elaborate more information in number three and four.

  1. The camp adjoins Sobibor railway station which is next to a forest of fire trees.
    ** Nazis planted trees on purpose to hide their crimes and added a 400 x 600-meter rectangle, fenced with barbed wire.

    Location of the Operation Reinhard

  2.  Nazis ‘successfully’ reassured the new Jewish arrivals.
    Deputy Herman Michel welcomes their new arrivals and apologizes for the terrible conditions of the journey. He convinces them that it is just a transit camp and will be transferred further East and need to undergo disinfection process to prevent an epidemic infection.

    “Herman’s cheerful and friendly face inspires trust and none of them think to protest. On the contrary, you should see the happiness on their faces. Some of them are practically dancing of joy. Herman is a wonderful actor!”

    (Sobibor by Jean Molla)

  3. Love relationships between an official and a Jewish prisoner happened. 
    Jacques Desroches a French Nazi supporter official fell in love with Anna, a Jewish prisoner.

    “It’s strange and special to think that my love for her is saving her life; she is an inconvenient witness to the Operation Reinhard”

    (Sobibor by Jean Molla)

  4. The Escape Plan (According to survivor Thomas Toivi Blatt)
    Phase One:
    3:30 – 4:00 pm [ Period of preparation and distributing weapons]
    Phase Two:
    4:00 – 5:00 pm [Secret elimination of the SS]
    Phase Three:
    [The open revolt in Larger I]
    The electric generator should be put out of power by the electricianThere were two groups:

    • Cutting the wires with axes and shovels
      some threw wood to detonate the mines
    • By using weapons they pushed their way forward to exit larger I and reach the main gate.
  5. “On 14th October 1943, the unthinkable happened. Prisoners managed to escape, under the leadership of a Jew who had been an officer in the Red Army. The escape had been carefully and patiently planed, and they killed eleven SS to achieve their goal. ” 

    (Sobibor by Jean Molla)