“Strong in the Rain” a Japanese poem translated into English & Spanish

Reading literature from other countries is very exciting because it comes with intellectual reward. Japanese literature is a very attractive world to immerse ourselves in their exquisite history and art.

My curiosity was piqued by Miyazawa Kenji because he was a man of science who wrote several children books, poetry, and philosophical novels in the late Taisho and early Showa periods of Japan.

Mr. Miyazawa resigned his job as a teacher to become a farmer and help improve the lives of others by teaching them technical skills and other general topics of cultural value, such as music, poetry, and anything else he thought might improve their lives.

Mr. Miyazawa changed his community not by opinion but by example.

Strong In The Rain is one of his most famous works and it is introduced to Japanese people during their elementary school education where they come to love it.

Feel free to read the poem or download for free  [ Strong_In_The_Rain  ] if the link doesn’t work try here.