University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo (東京大学) is the oldest university in Japan and it is abbreviated as todai/東大 or UTokyo.

Previously I made a post summarizing my experience in UTokyo but I been asked to elaborate and answer a few questions; I’ll try my best to provide information.

If you are thinking to study abroad and UTokyo is in your mind let me tell you that you have to do a looooot of work and study ~~




 I spent most of my time in Hongo campus located in Bunkyo-ku. Hongo is famous for the Red Gate ( akamon/赤門), Sanshiro pond,  Yasuda building.


What is it like to study in todai ?

  • Interrupting the lecture to ask a question is not as common as in other countries. Most students wait at the end of the class to ask questions to their professor. This isn’t necessary a rule; it depends on your professor.
    I had a professor who loved student’s input so much that if no one wanted to talk he’d pick on a random student and make him/her express their thinking ~ it got really funny at times ~~
  • Though I wasn’t taking Japanese language classes, every other Friday we had a seminar for international students to learn about Japanese culture or general knowledge.
    The seminar wasn’t taught by a professor but it was by guest speakers from very important companies or strong academic background.
  • My favorite seminar was from Mr. Yoshinobu Nakamura (Executive Adviser, Relo Panasonic Excel International Co.Ltd.) Mr. Nakamura reminded that imagination is more important than knowledge.
  • My favorite places to study or read books were the library, Sanshiro pond, akamon shop, civil engineer building or near Kasuga gate.
  • A lot of people refer to buildings by  its number instead of their name ~ I am not sure if this is culture or a preference but I heard many times something like “I study in building 74” and I’d be confused ~~


What was your student life like?

At the time I was doing an internship so there were events or experiences that I probably missed ~
During my time in todai I’d go to class and make plans with my friends to study, dine out, weekend plans, shopping, etc.
My favorite event was May Festival and I enjoyed watching sports specially lacrosse, martial arts and baseball and visiting the university’s museums or Gotenshita Memorial Arena lol


Do you have any funny or strange experience ?

  • Once a group of tourists approached on campus and asked me “What is this place? we saw the red gate and thought it was a temple but it doesn’t look …” when I told them about the university they felt excited and I ended up giving them a quick tour
  • Not strange but If you are a Hachiko fan I highly recommend to visit Yayoi campus which is next to Hongo campus.


Did  you like campus food?

Yes, the food in the cafeteria it is very delicious and you can have a full meal for less than $5 U.S dollars.
Also There are many coffee shops or convenient stores on campus 🙂




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The computing fascility has a very unique design and place with wooden strips; my friend recommended me to try dessert too 🙂


If you are planning to apply to UTokyo or will be a student please make you sure to get the best out of every single experience.
My hard work really paid off and I am very happy I was part of this institution 🙂
The hardest part was to leave  my friends but I know those friendships are lasting.
Please enjoy a few of shots from UTokyo’s beautiful campus.


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