How to work for a Production Company? Advice from my former SONY mentor.

Talking about career  I asked my former mentor to share her wisdom.
[Due to privacy I decided  to keep her name in private ]

My mentor is a Senior Lighting Director at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, her most recent work is Spider-Man Homecoming. Prior to SONY, she used to work for DreamWorks and had internship experience at PIXAR studios.

Keep in mind that there is not a straight line to work for a production, everyone has a different experience but it’d be useful to know the experience from someone who is already in the industry, right?

She has a bachelors degree in film making but she didn’t know what path she should take, she just knew she wanted to work for a production company but the idea still wasn’t clear ~~

‘ After college I was open to do anything because I wanted to be part of the industry. I did character animation because I told myself that  I wanted to do that but then I quit my job after 2 years. Don’t worry ! You don’t have to know your specialization now, keep exploring.

After quitting her job she looked for other jobs and fulfill the minimum 5 year experience requirement that most companies looked for ~

She told me that putting high emphasis in technical skills really helps for most of the industries ~  Programming is quite useful and recommended to learn shell scripting and Virtual Reality ~ though it is not a must but you have to learn to adjust your technical skills to fit the industry you’d like to join.

At the time SONY  wasn’t hiring for any of the possible position she could apply [ at least from what she saw online] but after building experience and enough confidence she decided to email SONY with her resume attached  ~~~ Luckily they were starting a new project and she was able to fit and schedule an interview with them before the job was even up online.

“Be humble and present your skills confidently.
They might said no but that is not a reason to stop applying.
Use your free time to better yourself. ” 

What is it like to work for SONY ?

Like any big company, there are many people and lots of hierarchy meaning that your boss will be working under someone else and the ladder keeps going up and it can get very frustrating.
Everyday she gets ready for review, receives feedback from her supervisor, fix the project until it is ready to be shown to the director.
Remember: No product is under your control, you have to be very flexible.

‘Working with Marvel is nice but some people can be ~ difficult ~  and my job didn’t feel worthy anymore … but when I watched Spider-Man: Homecoming  I felt proud to see my hard work on the big screen. You have to learn to be able to tolerate bad days and bad people in a professional way.”

If you have career questions for my mentor feel free to ask and I will make sure to deliver and answer those for you 🙂