Dark Times for Mickey

To many of us Mickey Mouse has an innocent dreamy  representation but that’s never been true for everyone. Let’s travel back in time to the age of an old Germany 1929 – 1931.

On 1929, Mickey Mouse film feature The Barnyard Battle was banned in Germany because an army of cats wearing pickelhauben, a type of helmets worn by German  military were fighting against mice and it was seen as  offensive to national dignity.

It wasn’t until February 1930 when the first Mickey Mouse film was released in Berlin,
the press was wildly enthusiastic.The film company SüdFilm produced produced a newspaper advertisement proclaiming

‘An mein Volk, Heil sei dem Tag, an dem ich euch erschienen. Es war ein Sieg auf der ganzen Linie!’

English translation:  ‘ To my people, hail the day that I appeared before you. It was an out-and-out victory!’

The advertisement quoted all the positive press reviews but curiously the language used was mocked by many.

Back in the day,  Mickey Mouse cartoons featured a pesky, ratty creature creating mischief, indulging in vaudeville and low-life living in a jazz rhythm – every step a dance move, every movement syncopated.

What really happened in 1931?

Mickey Mouse was denounced in a Nazi Journal titled The Dictatorship under the headlines ‘The Mickey Mouse Scandal’

‘Youth, where is your pride? Youth, where is your self-consciousness?
Mickey Mouse is the shabbiest, most miserable ideal ever invented….
Have we nothing better to do than decorate our garments with dirty animals because American commerce Jews wants profit? ‘

Mickey Mouse’s Americannes was synonymous with its Jewishness and it was proof of degeneracy and increasing rates of crime among young people because it was seen as a destructive character and it is always forcing a way through because it breaks the hierarchy of creatures designed from human perspective.

Disney’s cartoon world is an utopia and for many this world is a brutal experience  because it goes against the believe that  cartoons are object lessons of the actualities and is not worth to spend time in a perfect world like this.

I’d like to take a time and think about today’s cartoon entertainment we have have a wide range of cartoons that are considered “amusing” from South Park to Frozen each one of them hold a cultural values and today’s challenges that are difficult to speak of ~~

Mickey Mouse did have a REALLY hard time making its way to Germany but in the end Mickey learned to speak  to all generations reaching their hearts of everyone regardless of their age.

Fun Fact: In Germany comic books are known as graphic novels.

  • If you want to watch the controversial Mickey Mouse videos please click here.
  • If you’d like to learn how Mickey won over Germany please click here.

In the end Mickey is a lot like us ~ we all have baggage from the past.


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