Game Prototype

Game Prototype


For students enrolled in EAE capstone 4500 or anyone interested in game production I will provide a quick tour of game prototyping and advice for industry presentation.
A group of 6 people will work together to pitch their games by creating a white box to present in front of an industry panel.

How it works?

Assume there are 40 game pitches ( that is way too many). The industry panel are a group of professionals from different companies that are not affiliated with university faculty; their main job is to provide students with real world experience.

When the presentations are over the game pitches will be cut down to 8 to 10.
Below there is “Slimy” white box. Slimy is the current puzzle/adventure game I am working on and was approved by both faculty and the industry panel.
In the future I will talk more about the game idea and its mechanics; we are testing things out and working on the art concept.

Finally, I have a fighting game white box “Cuddle Fighter.” The idea is to have cute stuff animals literally knocking out the stuff out of them; this game did not move forward.

The industry panel said that it was a unique thing to have a fighting game since there aren’t many ~~  they felt a bit skeptical with the game rock-paper-scissors mechanics because it isn’t a unique element.


Each team has three minutes to pitch their ideas and two minutes for questions or feedback with the industry panel; it is a very short time.

Here are a few tips for game pitching presentation:

  1. Go to the POINT. 
    Many people started with beginner level talk (time wasted and boring).
    Start strong, finish stronger!
  2. Slide presentations are OPTIONAL
    Some teams wanted to display their art concept, game controls, mechanics ~
    Some teams just presented their white box because it was good enough to create an overall game feeling.
  3. Start your speech with any of these: 
    Our game is unique because ______________________.
    This green dot is a baby and the baby is trying to crawl away from his parents but there are series of obstacles you need to avoid _________________.
    [Create your own]
  4. What makes your game fun? 
    We are not talking about making the best story but what mechanics of the game are both fun and unique from other fighting|adventure|horror|fantasy| games.
  5. Be professional. 
    Industry might just tell you “This game sucks” and you have to be ready for it.
    If you fight back to any feedback or comment that you don’t feel happy with. It says a lot about you as a teammate; you’d be seen as someone difficult to work with if you can’t handle matters in a constructive way.



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