Animation Project


Entertainment Arts Engineering (EAE) capstone project it is a two semester class where students are teamed up to work in a video game before graduation.
My goal is to document the process and my experience with  senior capstone project for future students to have a better visual in the experience that awaits ahead of them.

EAE Program History (Disney & Pixar):


Dr. Edwin Catmull is co-founder and president of Pixar and Disney studios has left his legacy at the University of Utah by creating the EAE program.
At his time when he enrolled at the University of Utah, he came to realize that he wouldn’t be able to make enough living as a professional animator or at least it wasn’t apparent; he thought that there should be a way to bring art and technology together.

At the University he learned that he could combine his studies in both art and computer science to make animated films which lead to his biggest contributions in computer graphics.

Dr. Catmull said “The way [the U] developed computer science was more unstructured ~ it is a safe environment for people to create. That’s what the program at the University of Utah was: a safe place to make failures. It changed everything. For me, this was the right way to think about things.” 

Eventually he brought all that vision to the university and EAE was born ~  right now EAE is  famous for video-game always ranking in the top 5 programs in U.S.A.
As for 2017 EAE ranked number 3 in the nation. 
I am a current student don’t see myself in the video game industry but the vast diversity of skills you can learn ranging from programming to film alone in one program is something rare to find.


We can conclude that engineering is more than just math but  problem solving and expression. 

I find a huge  prestige to be part of Dr. Catmull’s legacy and this capstone project is a big step for many students aspiring to graduate next year and the future generations ahead of me.