“Mars Generation” Part I


We had STEM Fest in my local city; I saw this as a nice opportunity to teach children about what being a Mars Generation means.

A lot of students immediately assumed that you have to have a very high IQ and strong engineering skills to be part of it and while it is true that,  it does help to have such background; it doesn’t mean they can’t be part of it ~ our dreams shouldn’t be crush from traditional paths or the way we are told to do it.

A couple of young girls told me that  robotics, computers, space would are topics their brothers talk about and why was I ( a girl )  be in any way interested in it?

My first answer to come out was ” because its our history, it’s there.
DSCN9202I moved on with how robots carry out with humanity dreams and how AMEE won third place in the nation for NASA’s mining competition.  I also mentioned that if I am going to call my self a Mars Generation person I should in any way contribute and whether or not our ideas are taken by NASA at least they can built on from those ideas.
I had a very positive reaction made by all the girls 🙂

On the other hand, I admired my teammate’s way of talking to students and faculty; he is passionate about our project and he can clearly put them into words; he was able to capture anyone’s attention to AMEE and encourage students to consider joining any STEM related field.


To conclude with today’s post I thought that STEM fest was a great place to start reaching out to younger generations.
At the end of the day we received invitations from faculty to visit them  and talk about AMEE and our 2018 mining project.

**** A few pictures from the STEM Festival.

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