The beginning: Mining Robot





“The universe is in us … Many people look up at the sky and they feel small. But I feel big. Because my atoms came from those stars.”  – Neil deGrasse Tyson-

Have you ever found yourself  staring up to the sky? What comes to your mind?
Cosmos is the story about us and perhaps robots carry out humanity’s dreams.

We are Mars generation ~ but I used to believe that Mars and space was only for important professionals  and not for  ordinary people like me; my robotics team taught me otherwise ~ space and science is for everyone !!

Our current mining robot project is the closest view I have to space; I been spending a lot of time reading research papers on Mars, Odometry, IMU (Inertial measurement unit)  and learning ROS (Robotic Operating System)  as well as some basic knowledge in mechanical engineering ^^;


NASA loves creative innovation and this opportunity will serve for future ideas
that they can use to built on  in this Space Race to Mars; currently we have Curiosity in Mars digging, learning and teaching us 🙂

Our robot is still in the baby stage ~ we are coming up with different types of prototypes for our digger, wheels and localization methods.
Localization is a challenging topic ~ given that GPS and SLAM devices are not to be used ~ we are assuming a Mars environment like.

Testing, fixing and repeat ~ Our  ideas are constantly evolving.
I can’t wait until we start testing our mobility and diggers !!

Life is a wondrous subject, isn’t it?