“Build a Rocket” Teaching children the beauty of Engineering

“Welcome to USA ^o^ today we’ll teach you about the universe and rockets.”

When you hear the word “Engineer” what do you think it means?
It is all right to think about math 😀  but it is a lot more ~ it means to be able to solve problems in a creative way.

I am an engineer ambassador and what this means is that we create and participate in outreach activities for children to make them feel interested in any STEM related career as well as teaching them to work together to solve problems.
I became an ambassador because I hope to become a good role model for future generations.

Today was very special because we had middle school students from Tokyo visiting the University of Utah School of Engineering; I felt very familiar to them because not long ago I was in Tokyo as well and this was a great opportunity for me to help an international community.

I assisted in the “Build a Rocket” activity and part of my responsibility was to teach them about Mars and imagination ^^; It is a topic  I am starting to become more familiar because of my current NASA Robotic’s project.

3 – 2 – 1 Lift Off !! Launch that Rocket !!

If you look carefully on the picture you can that light in their eyes; it was bot a  privilege and excitement to see them working together, testing new designs and sky-rocketing their curiosity for science.

Go on and become future engineers ^o^

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